Luxury Wedding Cakes

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Our pricing is different for every wedding cake as there are a number of factors that determine the cost. 

We can guarantee that you will have the most amazing experience discussing and designing your wedding cake with us. As well as tasting lots of cake ofcourse! We are so attentive to all our clients needs and really love hearing about everything you have planned for your big day. 

As pricing can vary, we have tried to give a starting price that you will be able to find here


12 to 18 months

Quote provided and date secured with a deposit. 

9 to 12 months

Booking your cake tasting box. 

6 to 9 months

Final design sketch and choosing your flavours. 

1 to 2 months

Final check in call
 to cover all details. 

Cake Taster Boxes

The best part about your wedding day planning is tasting the cake ofcourse! And we have lots for you to try. 

Our cake tasting boxes come beautifully wrapped with a flavour menu and 10 flavours for you to try. We create tasting boxes on 6 dates a year, they are £35 if collected and £40 if posted. We advise to book your tasting box at least 9 months before your wedding day. 

Delivery & Setup

We highly recommend that we deliver and set up your cake, this makes it stress free for you on the day. 

There is a delivery fee which depends on the loaction of your venue and the complexity of your cake i.e  time it will take to set up your cake. This is why it is so important for you to include design ideas nd venue location within your booking form. 

Cake Styling

There are a number of different ways you can style your cake other than just a round table with a white table cloth, on an old silver cake stand. Below we've added some things to think about when styling your cake for your wedding day. We have cake separators and wedding cake stands that you can rent from us as part of your wedding cake package. 

1. Cake Table - When viewing the venue, have a look for any tables, stands, sideboards that fit in with the aesthetic of your day that the cake could be shown off on. 

2. Adding Height - if you want a tall cake but without all the extra cake, add a cake separator or a really tall cake stand to give the cake that extra height and wow factor. 

3. Cake Menu Card - a little touch but so effective. That way you won't get asked what flavour the cake is all day. 

4. Cake Hoops - there are some really amazing cake hoops around to rent now. Especially if your day is more of a rustic or a celestial theme. You can dress them with flowers too.